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Here you can check on the status of all Nexbridge hosted services, including core routing and web services. Nexbridge endeavours to handle all support requests promptly, but please note that we operate a 48-hour working-day SLA on all requests.

Past Incidents

2nd October 2023

WAN Connectivity Connectivity outage

Planned engineering work by Cogent (our ISP) was due to occur last night in order to apply software module upgrades on code running on their edge routers. The maintenance window was 11 pm to 5 am BST, and the work was expected to take no longer than a couple of hours, however there has been an issue with the maintenance and this window has been exceeded. We are currently awaiting further information from Cogent as to the nature of the problem, but the result is that all IP connectivity to our network is currently down and therefore calls will not route. We sincerely apologise for the issue that this causes for customers - as soon as we have any updates on the situation we will post them here.

  • We will be compiling an RFO report for yesterday's outage and will issue this as soon as possible.

  • We've now received confirmation from Cogent that the issue has been resolved.

  • Our IP connectivity appears to have been restored - we will confirm as and when we receive official confirmation from Cogent that the issue been resolved.

  • We've received confirmation that the Cogent engineer has now arrived and is working on resolving the issue.

  • The ISP outage is regional and is affecting IP connectivity to Primary and Secondary Data Centres. Our ISP partner expects this to be resolved at approximately 13:00 hrs. However, we are proceeding in parallel with a workaround via our tertiary Data Centre in London.

  • Since inbound calls are affected our standard support number is down, but we have set up 01614643177 as an temporary alternative.

  • Cogent have acknowledged the issue and are sending an engineer to the site with a new router, ETA 13:00 BST.